Cupcake Stories

Delicious cakes, scones, cupcakes and more, all handmade using fresh, pure ingredients - this is what Cupcake Stories in Covent Garden market is all about.

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What’s their story? Baked confections displayed behind the front counter of the café in the lower court of the Market, crafted daily with recipes that use high quality products. Delectable cupcakes, artistic layer cakes, dainty scones and crumbly cookies are freshly made every day by experienced pastry chefs, who channel their creativity into matching the theme of each season.

In autumn, leaves of orange and crimson line the door of this cosy bakery, inviting visitors in for a hot cuppa. When winter rolls in, the decorations change to match the spirit of the holidays, while outdoor seating offers a front row view of the live musical performances that take place right outside.

Seasons may change, but some things stay the same all year- round; the rich, nuanced flavor customers experience at Cupcake Stories is a constant reminder that everything they are tasting was handmade today, using exemplary ingredients. A wide selection of high-quality coffee and hot chocolate acts as a perfect accompaniment to these baked goodies, as well as premium loose tea imported from Sri Lanka. For those who truly crave a taste of England, “afternoon tea” is offered in three scrumptious tiers filled with cupcakes, finger sandwiches, canapés, as well as jam and scones with clotted cream.

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Cupcake Stories cater to a variety of palates as well as dietary restrictions, so gluten-free and vegan options are also available.