Earth Day in Covent Garden

Celebrate sustainability in Covent Garden this Earth Day. From conscious shopping to sustainable dining, watch this space for more brands and restaurants who are doing their part for the planet.

Stay tuned for more information on Earth Day 2025

Mulberry Made To Last Repairs (9)

Made to Last at Mulberry

Discover the ‘Made To Last’ commitment to sustainability at Mulberry, who are offsetting carbon emissions associated with leather purchasing. From responsible leather, low impact materials and recycled packaging to their dedicated repairs team, Mulberry bags are made to last for generations. Learn more about their 'Made To Last' pledges.

The Mulberry Exchange 

Visit the Covent Garden store to take part in the Mulberry Exchange, a circular programme whereby customers can trade their Mulberry bags, in exchange for credit towards a  new one. These bags are then expertly authenticated and rejuvenated to sell on to a new owner, ensuring that each and every Mulberry bag can have many lives.

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Zero Waste Dishes

Introducing VyTA Head Chef, Filippo Bellani's mission to eliminate excessive food waste in the creation of Italian inspired dishes. Through researching and implementing these culinary practices in the dish creation at VyTA, a more sustainable menu has evolved from what would usually result in discarded ingredients.

Chef Bellani hopes to be credited for this ideal of zero-waste cooking in the near future and to inspire other chefs to follow a similar path.

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Sustainability at Seven Dials Market

Seven Dials Market has always focused on being as sustainable as possible. They are now taking seven steps further to challenge themselves and reduce their impact on the planet:

  1. Saving Water - they have installed flow regulator taps and reduced toilet flushes (this should save around 3.5 million litres a year)
  2. Educating Kids - the kids menu is printed on recycled paper to teach little foodies about making sustainable food choices and how to reduce their waste
  3. Food into Biofuel - Seven Dials is home to one of only five Rothenburg generators in the country, turning leftovers into biofuel
  4. Chai Guys no longer use disposable cups and now give their customers china cups instead.
  5. BYO(W)B - Bring your own (water) bottle! The number of water stations in the market has increased and you will not find a plastic bottle in sight
  6. Less Glass Bottles - glass is better than plastic but still not amazing, so Seven Dials market are trialling spirits being served in jerry cans instead
  7. Actually Caring! - Seven Dials Market have banned single use cutlery in Banana Warehouse
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Radley (1)

Learn about Radley's Responsible range

Radley London are constantly monitoring how they can make positive change. Every product is ethically produced, and materials are selected for their environmentally friendly properties, focusing on recycled and reused resources to minimise waste. Every season they look to grow their sustainable non-leather Radley Responsible range with new styles made using recycled polyester and a water-based PU that produces 60% less emissions than the oil-based version.

Did you know? 

• All of Radley's leather is a by-product from the food industry.
• 100% of the leather is certified by the Leather Working Group. 
• Radley manage their use of chemicals with the ‘Best in Class’ testing programme – including all suppliers to ensure no direct or indirect environmental damage.
• By planning ahead for collections, they know exactly where they need to send materials to use slower but less carbon heavy methods of transportation.

N Peal (7)

Recycled materials at N.Peal

Located in the Covent Garden Market Building N.Peal strives to be the go-to brand from sustainable, luxury cashmere. Over 50% of their latest collection is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% Organic Cashmere, with the aim of moving to 100% organic by 2025.

In-store, the brand further their sustainable practices with their signature luxury gift boxes & bags which FCS certified 100% recycled and made from recyclable paper.

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Shop for Good

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Grow a tree with Rituals

It’s Earth Week and to celebrate with B-Corp certified brand Rituals, you’ll get 20% off all refills. For every refill you buy, Rituals will  plant, protect or restore a tree in collaboration with their partners.

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