Atelier Cologne

Since 2009, Atelier Cologne has been reinventing the world of perfume with Cologne Absolue, a genuine, pure perfume that's natural, long lasting & celebrates the elegance of citruses. Each one of Atelier Cologne's fragrances have taken inspiration from different moments in time, across a number of different places.
With the highest quality raw materials sourced from around the world, each perfume focuses on a unique hero ingredient & invites you to unbottle your own story

Perfumes of character, born from nature.

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“Atelier Cologne was born out of our encounter and our love. Perfume has always been our passion and our profession. Our dream was to create colognes of character to wear as a Pure Perfume, all the while exalting the elegance and magical freshness of cologne. In 2009, our dream came true. We gave birth to a new perfume family: the Cologne Absolue.”

It was in 2016 that we opened our first Atelier Cologne Boutique in the UK. To have this very special boutique in Covent Garden was a dream for our founders and every single detail was carefully thought through. Our Boutique was designed with love, creating an unforgettable and unique shopping experience.

With our customers at heart, we designed our boutique as a “Maison the Parfum” concept, a House of Perfume, with a homey, harmonious atmosphere that will make you feel at home, every time you visit us. Downstairs we created a lounge area where you can enjoy a more intimate shopping experience in a quiet, comfortable environment. The perfect place to enjoy a shopping afternoon in Covent Garden with a loved one.

In Atelier Cologne we celebrate life, nature, love and from the moment you walk inside our Covent Garden boutique you will be welcomed by a world of colourful rainbows and joie de vivre. Our team of perfume artists will take you on a beautiful journey to find your perfect scent, followed by the personalisation of a colourful leather case that will not only protect your precious perfume bottle but make it even more personal, special and unique.

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At the Atelier, our unique engraving workshop offers Cologne lovers the chance to personalise their ‘keepsake’ travel spray. Clients can choose from more than 15 different colours of leather cases and have their name, initials or a short message engraved on the leather. This service is performed in front of each client by the Perfume Artists, in less than five minutes, using custom-made engraving machines. This final step is sure to leave a lasting impression into clients’ mind, putting an exclamation point on their consultation.