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CARAT* London, home of Gentle Diamonds, is a British Fashion & Fine jewellery brand specialising in lab grown diamonds and sustainable jewellery that don't cost the earth.

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Our Covent Garden store is our flagship boutique offering a wide range of CARAT* London and Gentle Diamonds collections. From everyday wear to luxury pieces, discover a more sustainable and gentle jewellery collections.

Our pieces combine the timeless glamour of a bygone era with a little modern day wearability. CARAT* London jewellery is about fantasy rather than reality and our jewels are chosen rather than invested, admired rather than shown off. Most importantly, though, our jewels are supposed to be worn rather than hidden in a safe.

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CARAT* London designs, develops and assembles fine jewellery using its own uniquely created gemstones. Each stage of preparation is done by hand from pre-forming and faceting to polishing and setting. Every piece is prepared with precision to detail and a vision of creating the most magnificent jewellery.