Galeria Melissa

UPDATE: Missing the Covent Garden team of Melissa? Miss no more, the team are back online and here to help you shop via What’s App. All you need to is message +44 800 048 1722 or click here to start chatting to a team memeber who will be able to show you styles, process the order and all you have to do is wait for your new pair of shoes to arrive!

Melissa was born in 1979, with an inspiration straight from the sea. On the feet of French Riviera fishermen they found the embryo that gave origin to the Aranha model. In little time, it catches on with Brazilians and becomes one of the most popular shoes around. In just the last decade, Melissa produced more than 32 million pairs and today is sold in more than 70 countries.

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Their unique smell is one of Melissa's hallmarks. It is a memory trigger: the mark of childhood and adult lives alike. It's part of teenage memory of those who grew up associating our shoes to a significant time in their lives.

Melissa shoes are made from with their own material: Melflex® is a type of PVC that can be 100% recyclable and provides flexibility and resistance - in addition to being very comfortable. Increasingly searching for a consolidation of sustainability in the production process, Melissa even created a Department of Sustainable Development in 2011.

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Covent Garden is the neighbourhood chosen for Melissa’s HQ in the United Kingdom. Inaugurated in 2014, Melissa Gallery London takes an extra dose of bossa in plastic to the homeland of Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh.

With an eye on that cultural effervescence, Melissa found a place to call its own in Covent Garden. Located in one of the most emblematic buildings of the region, the futuristic atmosphere belongs to designer Muti Randolph. And gets a futuristic feel with a LED structure that changes according to each exhibition hosted in the space.